Our most popular & signature service.

A rejuvenating combination of a muscle memory massage with firming face exercises and uplifting upper body stretches with powerful beauty and wellness benefits.

Benefits include and are not limited to:

*increases circulation

*boosts complexion

*strengthens face muscles

*reduces fine lines & wrinkles over time and continued practice

$55 / 30 minutes . $75 / 45 minutes


Our most nourishing massage centric experience focuses on releasing stress in the head, neck & shoulders. And diminishes muscle tension & fatigue in the face while promoting deep relaxation and stress relief

Benefits include and are not limited to:

*Engages lymphatic system

*Releases happy chemistry

*Erases visible Face Tension

*Promotes deeper and more restful sleep

$55 / 30 minutes . $75 / 45 minutes


Experience the making of a master with our apprentice session! Discover stress relief with all of the traditional FaceLove techniques as our rising stars realize fresh talent. The Art of practice and detailed education is the driving force behind delivering "high touch" you've come to love.

$35 / 30 minutes . $50 / 45 minutes