The Power of More

4 Sessions

Experience FaceLove four times and
see what you feel. If you
feel good you look good
Each time you engage in a FaceLove
session your muscles will hold on to
the benefits. Results include glowing radiant skin
and a much happier stress free self.
Book weekly for best results

$160 for 30 minutes

$235 for 45 minutes



Seriously Self Love

8 Sessions

Take your face to the next level of true joy and serenity.
Not only allowing your facial pressure points to be targeted and decompressed. This package also allows for facial deep toning and facial rejuvenation.
Facejoy for once.
This package gives you eight weekly
sessions for optimizing muscle memory,
cellular energy and visible well being.

 $325 30 minutes each
$500 45 minutes each