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FaceLove is a holistic wellness experience rooted in the healing power of ‘high touch’. The unique experience brings together head, face & neck massage, acupressure + face exercise to center, rejuvenate, strengthen & detoxify. Our transformative, convenient, and accessible sessions offer immediate feel good results along with long lasting benefits that reduce stress, combat fatigue and elevate face posture & overall well being ...’face joy’



Beauty as Nature Intended this product rich session featuring Beauté d'Argile and Elixir II by Bastide enveloped by FaceLove high touch techniques is the perfect self love ‘staycation’ experience. Enjoy a dry brush textured massage and water cleanse, followed by a clay masque pressure point application.  Slip into sedation with the soothing smoothing synthesizing  Elixir Deux face and décolleté massage for a bright radiant finish.

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • enhancing clarity, brightness in the skin, and softens fine lines

  • nourishes with plant powered extracts +cellular hydration

  • diminishes toxins and elevates overall wellbeing

Skincare powered by French botanicals.  Treat yourself and (‘your skin’) to the luxury of time.  “Bastide believes in taking breaks - to tend to your soul, to listen to your body, to   care for your skin. Define your slow beauty secret.”

$105 / 45 minutes


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Our signature ‘HighTouch’ massage centric experience focuses on uber stress relief in the head, neck & shoulders while erasing visible tension, dullness & fatigue on the face.  Tapping into what we consider to be the 5 zones of surrender (jaw, temples, eyes , base of the head and space between the eyebrows) your wellbeing will we elevated, your FacePosture will be lifted & your FaceJoy enhanced as many happy juices will be flowing through the body.  You won’t be able to stop smiling for the rest of the day.

Benefits include and are not limited to:

*Engages lymphatic + circulation systems

*Releases happy chemistry

*Erases visible Face Tension/ increases radiance
*Promotes deeper and more restful sleep

$65 / 30 minutes .  $85 / 45 minutes



Experience the making of a master with our new talent session! Discover stress relief with all of the traditional FaceLove techniques as our rising stars realize fresh talent. The Art of practice and detailed education is the driving force behind delivering "high touch" you've come to love.

$40 / 30 minutes . $55 / 45 minutes


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Our most holistic and restorative combination of deep massage & pressure points; this session is a hands on guided meditation clearing the mind while enabling whole body rest.  The face is a blueprint for balance and is connected not only to emotions but to organs and energetic pathways in the entire body.  

Acupressure cools down the inflammation created by stress as stress is a form of global warming in the ecosystem of your body & results in cellular repair while opening the heart.

Benefits include but are not limited  to :

  • cellular repair

  • restful state of being

  • visibly blissful face

  • whole body restoration

$125 / 60 minutes 


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An energized combination of firming face exercises, muscle rolling, upper body stretches uplifting your FacePosture.  Finishing with a steamy face sauna and chilled toning jade rollers you will look sculpted & rejuvenated leaving you  ‘Red Carpet ready’!

Benefits include and are not limited to:

*increases circulation

*radiant glowing complexion

*strengthens face muscles

*reduces fine lines & wrinkles over time with continued practice

$30 / 15 minutes.  

*add on on




Founder and believer that 'high touch' is the essential to a positive human experience in our 'high tech' world. Replenishing mind, body and soul not only accumulates tangible joy but also allows us to give more to those around us. Rachel is known for her attention to detail when it comes to the five zones of surrender, signature to the FaceLove experience and perfectly combining timing, touch and texture to create the optimal chill-out mode.



Chief Touch Officer

Georgia has passion for giving, serving and loving.  Georgia's intuitive capacity to understand human condition and how to share high touch with optimal impact is what drives and sets her apart from the rest.



Star FaceLover Veronika has an infectious optimism that passes through her hands and into your heart. Let her loving energy soothe your tensions and put the smile back on your face with a PureLove session today.


FaceLove at Stretch*d

27 w 20th Street

Inside the Stretch*d Studio

New York, NY 10011

Hours of Operation:

Tuesday - Saturday: 10 am - 7 pm

Email Or Text at…

(347) 267-9453


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Reduce stress and enhance productivity with wellness in the workplace.  We are available to do onsite pop ups within your corporate offices or extend special pricing packages to your employees. We are also available for private events and weddings!

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