Founder and believer that 'high touch' is the essential to a positive human experience in our 'high tech' world.   Replenishing mind, body and soul not only accumulates tangible joy but also allows us to give more to those around us.  Rachel is known for her attention to detail when it comes to the five zones of surrender, signature to the FaceLove experience and perfectly combining timing, touch and texture to create the optimal chill-out mode.



Co-Founder.  Grounded in head and neck massage combined with early upbringing infused with Japanese face massage and exercise, Heidi understands how to elevate the muscles, energize the mind and make a profound difference.  Using her servants heart to navigate and tailor an unforgettable experience.



The CTO 'chief touch officer' of FaceLove with a passion for giving, serving and loving.  Georgia's intuitive capacity to understand human condition and how to share high touch with optimal impact is what drives and sets her apart from the rest.


Star FaceLover Veronika has an infectious optimism that passes through her hands and into your heart. Let her loving energy soothe your tensions and put the smile back on your face with a FreshLove session today.