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It all started when…

Rachel and Heidi met as new mothers in 2012 at a kids playground in New York City. They immediately bonded over their love for a good massage and similar busy mom schedules.  FaceLove was created in an New York minute that day. They both shared the same philosophy on the power of "high touch". Their goal has been to provide a path to optimal joy without spending a fortune and hours at a spa. Which in itself can be stressful and ruins the overall experience. Their core principal is that massage should be a routine human maintenance, to help offset certain adrenaline-producing consequences of modern life. Helping inflammation, tension, and pH imbalance within your body. What they were craving for themselves - the perfect sensory surrender experience to be accessible, affordable and spontaneous- is what they now provide, for you.




Our most popular & signature service.

A rejuvenating combination of a muscle memory massage with firming face exercises and uplifting upper body stretches with powerful beauty and wellness benefits.

Benefits include and are not limited to:

*increases circulation

*boosts complexion

*strengthens face muscles

*reduces fine lines & wrinkles over time and continued practice

$55 / 30 minutes . $75 / 45 minutes



Our most nourishing massage centric experience focuses on releasing stress in the head, neck & shoulders. And diminishes muscle tension & fatigue in the face while promoting deep relaxation and stress relief

Benefits include and are not limited to:

*Engages lymphatic system

*Releases happy chemistry

*Erases visible Face Tension

*Promotes deeper and more restful sleep

$55 / 30 minutes . $75 / 45 minutes



Experience the making of a master with our apprentice session! Discover stress relief with all of the traditional FaceLove techniques as our rising stars realize fresh talent. The Art of practice and detailed education is the driving force behind delivering "high touch" you've come to love.

$35 / 30 minutes . $50 / 45 minutes



Our most holistic and restorative combination of deep massage and accupressure meditation. WholeLove focuses on specific concerns, connects mind & body. Activates inner healing while clearing the mind and opening the heart.

$100 / 60 minutes - only performed by Founders




Grounded in head and neck massage combined with early upbringing infused with Japanese face massage and exercise, Heidi understands how to elevate the muscles, energize the mind and make a profound difference.  Using her servants heart to navigate and tailor an unforgettable experience.



Chief Touch Officer

Georgia has passion for giving, serving and loving.  Georgia's intuitive capacity to understand human condition and how to share high touch with optimal impact is what drives and sets her apart from the rest.



Star FaceLover Veronika has an infectious optimism that passes through her hands and into your heart. Let her loving energy soothe your tensions and put the smile back on your face with a PureLove session today.



From the world of costume design to the serene spaces of FaceLove Lora’s naturally giving and grounded spirit will center and relax your busy mind ensuring your body reaches an elevated state of rest and repair.



Hailing from Russia, Yana envelopes you immediately in her calm and joyful presence. With previous experience beautifying the outside appearance she is so grateful for the opportunity to help her clients elevate their inner beauty and increase their FaceJoy



Debby is dedicated to the art of natural beauty enhancement and she loves providing stress relief to her clients and promoting deep relaxation through her high touch.


FaceLove at Stretch*d

27 w 20th Street

New York, NY 10011

(347) 267-9453


Hours of Operation:

Wednesday - Saturday 10am-8pm

Sunday - Tuesday 11am-6pm


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Reduce stress and enhance productivity with wellness in the workplace.  We are available to do onsite pop ups within your corporate offices or extend special pricing packages to your employees. We are also available for private events and weddings!

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