The Healing Power of Touch

A seemingly simple construct, touch gets overlooked in a world where beauty is focused on topical potions, complicated routines, and intrusive techniques. We felt it was time to change that.

FaceLove is a holistic beauty meets wellness experience rooted in the healing power of touch.  Our unique mix of facial massage, exercise and acupressure stimulates circulation, releases inflammation and leaves you feeling centered, rejuvenated and glowing.

We want you to look, feel and be your best.



Our three signature services are offered in convenient 30 min ($45) or 45 min ($65) sessions.  Ideal as part of your regular beauty and wellness routine or simply when you need a boost, FaceLove is designed to:

  • Release facial & whole body stress and tension
  • Clear physical & emotional blockages + inflammation
  • Restore glow, energy & chi


For Everyone

Our most popular & signature service, a rejuvenating combination of massage, exercise and acupressure with powerful beauty and wellness benefits.

FaceLove will activate glow and leave you feeling centered & energized.

Benefits: Boosts Circulation & Complexion, Strengthens Facial Muscles, Restores Adrenals, Lifts Mood


For the Healthy Hedonist

Our most nourishing, massage-centric service focuses on releasing stress, tension & fatigue and promotes deep relaxation with powerful benefits.

PureLove will activate release and leave you feeling grounded & nurtured.

Benefits: Activates Lymphatic System, Nourishes Facial, Neck & Shoulder Muscles, Releases Emotional Stress, Softens Mood


For the Deeper Seeker

Our most restorative combination of deep massage & acupressure focuses on specific concerns, connects mind & body and promotes well-being.

WholeLove will activate inner healing and leave you feeling vibrational & whole.

Benefits: Clears Internal Blockages, Promotes Organ Vitality, Restores Facial & Whole Body Systems (Chi), Clears Mind & Opens Heart




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Gift Packages

We thought up a few gift card packages and hope you like them!  Follow any of the below links to order a digital gift card.  You are also welcome to select any amount and date of delivery.  Physical gift cards are available at our studio.



An introductory FaceLove session plus a little take home gift - our tribe's favorite, the jade roller!

30 minute session - $70

45 minute session - $90


A four session package for weekly FaceLove practice and routine - the facejoy will be visible!

30 minute session - $185

45 minute session - $240

SelfLove AYR

An "all year round" package.

Twelve, 30 min sessions - $550

Twelve, 45 min sessions - $795

Membership*, 30 min weekly - $2200

*includes one jade roller & silk eye mask

PS. Thank you so much for thinking of us as a gift this holiday season!

We're hiring!

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